Rize Clever Time Tracker: 3-Yr Subscription



Rize is an intelligent time tracker that makes you more productive. It helps you be more in control of your workday and builds better habits by encouraging you to be more focused. Rize was built with a philosophy similar to Cal Newport’s view on productivity—that the value of deep work is becoming both increasingly valuable and rare in our world. To cultivate deep work, we need to understand how our habits affect how much time and attention we spend on tasks. Only then can we begin to change and improve ourselves.

Here are some of the questions you can finally answer with Rize:

  • What apps/websites are distracting me the most?
  • How often am I context switching?
  • How focused and am I during the day?
  • Am I actually being efficient with my time?
  • Am I taking enough breaks?
  • Am I working too much?
  • Do I have too many meetings?

Rize is available on macOS and Windows.

#1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

  • Customize categories. Easily create custom categories that give you better insights into how your time is spent

  • Daily email report. Receive a report of your time breakdown & productivity metrics every day via email.

  • Smart break notifications. Get notified when to take a break based off of your work activity. No pomodoro timers necessary

  • Work hours notification. Get notified when you have worked a set number of hours in a day to prevent overworking yourself

  • Interrupters & context-switching. See which apps or websites interrupt you the most when trying to get focus work done

  • Automated tracking hours. Automatically start & stop tracking your work activity based on a set schedule

  • Google Calendar integration. Create better categorization rules around your meetings by connecting your Google Calendar

  • Meeting categorization. Automatically categorize your meetings based on keywords like recruiting, interviews, stand-up, etc.

  • Project tagging. Tag blocks of time with project tags to further segment how your time is spent

  • Project analysis. See how much time you spend on each project over time in addition to other valuable metrics

“With Rize I never need to ask myself where I’m spending my time. Instead, I can ask myself how I want to spend my time.” – Kevin Hsu, Co-Founder & Head of Product at Quaestor

“Rize has helped me get more time to focus on coding and build better work habits around taking breaks.” – Justine De Caires, Software Engineer at Twitter

“Since using Rize, I’ve been able to increase my daily average of focus time by 2 hours. It’s had a massive impact on my productivity.” – David Whitney, Software Engineer at Facebook


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