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Retro-Trying Aventura X Electrical Scooter Blends a Classic Design With Fashionable-Edge Know-how

There’s no shortage of electric scooters out there, with the micromobility movement constantly gaining new adepts. But most of these two-wheeled vehicles look alike and don’t manage to stand out from the competition in terms of design. This is not the case with the Aventura-X though, which is definitely an eye-pleaser with a vintage look but a modern, electric interior.

Aventura-X electric scooters are made in Los Angeles, California, and their ultimate goal is to eliminate greenhouse emissions by reducing the rate of pollution in the US The manufacturer hopes to get as many people as possible out of their cars and says that for every car that’s replaced by an Aventura-X scooter, an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2 can be saved.

And as long as we’re all trying to be more environmentally responsible, we might as well have fun in the process. That’s what the Aventura-X wheeler is trying to offer, with its cool, retro looks, lightweight design, and comfortable seat.

The electric scooter is available in a variety of striking colors, from cherry-red to mint green, sky blue, metallic silver, rose pink, and more. It has a weight of 177 lb (80 kg) with the battery included, it is equipped with 3.5-10” tubeless tires, disc brakes with hydraulic double piston caliper, and has a maximum load capacity of 330 lb (150 kg). Plenty of accessories are available with the scooter, such as a helmet carrier, front and rear racks, a windshield, and more.

As standard, Aventura-X offers the scooter with a smaller, removable battery pack that guarantees ranges of up to 25 miles (40 km) per charge, but there’s another compartment for an additional battery. With dual batteries, you can boost the scooter’s range up to 70 miles (112 km) on a single charge.

The 2900W brushless DC motor strapped to the Aventura-X can take you as nearly as 30 mph (48 kph).

Now live on Indiegogo, the Aventura-X electric scooter is available to pre-order for $2,800, with the estimated shipping date being March 2023.

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