Reencle Prime Meals Waste Composter Silver


Turn Scraps to Garden Fuel
Cultivate ReencleMicrobe™ – your own microorganisms especially selected to devour food waste, no
matter how salty or acidic. The result? Ready-to-use, homemade organic super food for your plants.

Continuous Always-On System
Add Food or Scoop Soil at Any Time
Reencle runs quietly and safely around the clock, so you don’t need to wait until it’s finished with earlier food scraps. Just scoop out the fertilizer when it’s looking full.

Reduce Up To 90% Food Waste Footprint
Fertilizer-Ready in as Short as 2 Hours*
The fertilizer created from the Reencle Composter can be spread on top of the soil of your lawn, garden, or indoor potted plants, releasing rich nutrients into the soil where it travels directly into the roots of your plants.

Say Goodbye to Stink & Ick
Breakthrough 3-layer filter system ensures odor free composting. Enjoy convenience of fast organic composting without odor.

Low Maintenance ReencleMicrobe™
The ReencleMicrobe™ can survive in high acidity and high salinity environments and at extreme temperatures. It doesn’t need to be replaced and can be used for cycle after cycle.

Silent Operation
Reencle operates quietly under the level of 28dB, making it the quietest composter on the market.

Touchless Step Motion Sensor
Get Reencle’s attention with your foot, or a wave of your hand — and the lid will open automatically.

Contact Free Sensors
Zero Odor 3-layer Filter System
1.5 Lbs Food Waste Capacity
Self-replicating ReencleMicrobe™
Silent Operation
Organic Rich Fertilizer


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