Razer Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat (Refurbished)


The Razer Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat is designed to elevate your gaming experience. With an ultra-smooth surface, it provides precise and accurate cursor movement, allowing you to respond quickly in fast-paced gaming scenarios. Enjoy quieter mouse movements with the micro-etched surface, reducing noise and ensuring your gaming sessions don’t disturb others around you. The mat also features an anti-slip rubber base that keeps it secure in place, providing optimal stability during gameplay. The tempered glass material is highly durable, giving you the confidence that your gaming setup is built to last. The sleek and seamless design of the Razer Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat delivers a modern, sophisticated touch to your gaming setup.

  • Premium tempered glass. For long-lasting durability
  • Micro-etched surface. Optimized for optical sensors
  • Dirt & scratch-resistant. To maintain a pristine state
  • Anti-slip rubber base. Keeps the mat firmly in place
  • Quieter mouse movements. For minimal distractions
  • Ultra-smooth surface. For quick swipes & consistent glides

Refurbished Rating
ESC refurbished product has been professionally restored to meet or exceed OEM quality and is in good working order. This means that each product has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet original manufacturer quality specifications. Each ESC Recertified product may or may not be in its original packaging. 90-day minimum warranty.To learn more about refurbished products,
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