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Rating an additional £2000 off a Tesla when buying and selling in your outdated automobile

While electric cars certainly seem to be the future of cars, there a still a few barriers to entry for most consumers. We’re not talking about charging infrastructure here – rather, the price. With most EVs priced a few thousand above regular cars, it can be hard to convince shoppers to “go green”. But Tesla’s latest initiative wants to entice those with older cars to go electric.

From 1st until 30th June, Tesla has a trade-in promotion that offers an additional discount on new Teslas. The brand is offering an additional £2000 reduction on vehicles when you trade in a petrol or diesel car valued under £2000. For example, if your trade-in car is valued at £1500, then you would receive a £3500 deduction. While £2000 isn’t the biggest saving on a £35000+ car, it might entice those with older vehicles to upgrade.

To access this offer, you first need to get an estimate for your trade in through Tesla’s online tool. It’ll ask you a few questions about the vehicle you plan to trade in, before crunching the numbers and spitting out a valuation. If the quoted value is less than £2000, then you can place your order through the website. The offer will automatically be applied. Note that it’s only eligible on the Model 3 and Model Y – the Model S and X are excluded.

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