QuickSurvive® All-Goal Waterproof Hearth Starters



The QuickSurvive® All-Purpose Waterproof Fire Starters are the most versatile fire-starting solution for any weather condition, environment scenario, or temperature. Made from proprietary paraffin formula, starting a fire will never be the same. With a single pouch, you get up to 10 minutes of over 750° clean and sustained fire. These fire starters can safely be used in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. Each pouch is combustible, so it will not light unless exposed to direct flame, making them safe for storing, packing, and traveling. The fire starters are 100% waterproof and can light virtually in any condition, including windy, rainy, moist, or frozen.

  • 750° for up to 10 minutes: Perfect for survival situations, camping, fire pits & more

  • Non-combustible: Will not light without diredct flame exposure so safe for indoor & outdoor use

  • Waterproof & weather-resistant: Can quickly & easily start a fire in windy, rainy, damp or even if frozen

  • 30-year shelf life: Long-lasting so perfect for travelers, campers, emergencies & more

  • Cost-effective: 12 pieces fire starter pouches in each bag


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