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Quickly you’ll use AI to put in writing Gmail emails

Today at Google I/O, Google Cloud announced the boringly-named Duet AI for Google Workspace, something it previously talked about but didn’t name. The real boon is that soon it will enable you to write emails in Gmail with AI with a feature called Help you write.

Microsoft already talked about how it was going to use AI to enable Outlook users to write emails and now it’s Google’s turn. When demonstrated, Google showed how you could choose to make an email more complex if it was of a serious nature or simpler if you just wanted a quick note.

There is a drawback and that is that it will be available for users who pay for Workspace, which is basically Google’s business suite. But as Google has demonstrated before, it likes to roll out complex features to standard Gmail users. And it will come to mobile, too, firstly it will automatically fill in names and other relevant information but will get more complex over time.

So-called Generative AI will also be coming to Google’s other apps to help you organize, have better meetings and generate things like job descriptions that you can then edit to make them better. It can generate tables from stats in sheets, for example, or make images for you for your presentations.

As Google’s Aparna Pappu says “the real power of these image models is that they can visualize something that has never existed. Perhaps you’re doing early concept brainstorming with your creative agency on a light-hearted campaign to get Parisians to go on safari and want to provide clear visual input early in the process to prevent wasted work later on. Now, you can generate an original visual that conveys your unique artistic vision, all from a simple prompt.”

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