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Qualcomm says it could possibly lead the Apple M1 in efficiency with the laptop computer chip in 2023

Apple’s move to its own Apple silicon-based M1 chips made big headlines around this time last year. They did incredibly well in the 2020 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – and that’s before you get to this year’s Pro models.

The performance gains were so big that other manufacturers of ARM-based PC processors – Qualcomm in particular – looked like they’d sat on their hands for several years. And that’s before you get to Intel …

Qualcomm is not used to playing second fiddle in terms of performance, and now the company is announcing that it will launch a new ARM-based platform in 2023 that “will set the benchmark for Windows PCs … for sustained performance and Battery life “.

This is a lot of talk – and we had something similar from Intel recently about its potential performance gains when it finally rolls out its heavily delayed new chips next year.

Battery life was one of the main advantages of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-based PC chips over Intel (plus integrated 5G), but Apple’s M1 has eaten that advantage while its performance has been lacking even within its performance-oriented 8cx chips.

Qualcomm has also partnered with Microsoft to produce the SQ1 and SQ2 chips for the Surface Pro X.

Qualcomm’s new chip is being designed by its Nuvia team, which spent $ 1.4 billion in early 2021. And yes, guess who the three founders of Nuvia used to work for … yes, Apple’s team that worked on Apple Silicon.

Qualcomm’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. James Thompson, announced this during Qualcomm’s Investor Day event.

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