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Q Acoustics’ M20 energy audio system have $100 off for Prime Day

Q Acoustics’ entry-level powered speakers can help you avoid an amp-and-passive speaker setup that takes up loads of room – and now they’ve got $100 off for Amazon Prime Day from Amazon US.

With 130W of amplification, there’s ample power available for powering this very flexible two-box music system. Support for Bluetooth 5.0 and hi-res aptX HD means your wireless streams should sound delightful whatever music streaming app you use (though there’s no Wi-Fi on board, so no AirPlay or Spotify Connect) while an arsenal of inputs equips the M20 for movie duty and gaming ambience alike. There’s also support for native 24bit/192kHz compatibility via a USB to a computer should you want to get the best quality possible.

Braced inside for better focus, each cabinet contains a decoupled 22mm tweeter, together with a 125mm mid/bass driver and rear-firing reflex port. There’s a sub output for optional bonus bass. It’s a formidable package that you can stick anywhere, while they’re available in black only for this deal.

You’re able to designate the powered speaker as either the left or right (ideal to access mains power where you can), while there’s also an EQ switch to let the M20s know if each speaker is positioned in a corner, against a wall or in free space so it can optimise the audio for its surroundings.

The speakers can be wall mounted or can be placed on Q Acoustics 3000i floor stands depending on what you want to do.

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