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The Pocket Tripod is a compact smartphone stand. In its storage form, it’s the size of two credit cards stacked on top. It transforms into a stand simply by twisting its two halves, and flipping up its sides. Once in stand form, it allows you to adjust the tilt angle of your device to any angle you need, smoothly and precisely. Unlike similar-sized stands, the Pocket Tripod doesn’t let your device touch the surface it’s placed upon, keeping it safe from accidental spills. It also uses a very intuitive angle adjustment motion, similar to full-size photography tripods.

Whether it’s to take amazing time-lapse videos or to make hands-free FaceTime calls, The Pocket Tripod is one the best iPhone camera accessories that you can buy.

As seen on Forbes, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Kickstarter, & The Verge

  • Durable design. Strong enough to withstand the pressure of a wallet
  • Precise angle. Holds your phone at any angle you want
  • No selfie stick required. Set up your perfect shot without the awkward arm in either landscape or portrait mode
  • Carbon fiber legs. For extra rigidity so you can capture amazing time-lapses, create light paintings & long exposure images on the go
  • Patented design. Does not block the mic so you can be heard during online meetings
  • Card size. Fits in any wallet or purse
  • Interchangeable adapters. Adapters can be swapped to provide a snug fit with any phone or case
  • Universal fit. Compatible with most phones & cases
  • Secure grip. Safe for delicate cases & screen protectors

Customer Testimonials

“I purchased a couple for myself and loved it so this past order is for my family.”

– J. Charmatz

“Thanks for the lifetime warranty. I thought it was just a marketing gimmick, but you guys actually take it seriously. That’s so wholesome. I hope you guys can keep going like this. It’ll be really sad to see another business like this die out. I hope the best for you guys!”

– D. Wong

“As a traveling aviation professional, I appreciate the design and thought going into the Pocket Tripod. Great Job – Actually, maybe a larger version for tablets may be good.”

– J.Kleive


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