Pix4D terrestrial knowledge acquisition {hardware} and software program

Drone shows are opening around the world and companies are showcasing their latest technologies. Photogrammetry company Pix4D began leveraging the power of aerial data in 2011. Now the company will be at InterGeo to showcase its new Pix4D terrestrial data collection hardware and software, which gives customers a ground-based option to effectively map an entire room.

Pix4D will give live demos of its hardware and software solution for terrestrial data acquisition, PIX4Dcatch and the viDoc RTK rover for iPhone Pro and iPad Pro. These new products are showing an interesting trend as drone mapping platforms go beyond a strict focus on aerial data and collect ground data: a feature that enables construction and other industrial customers to map all aspects of a space with one product.

In addition to Pix4D’s terrestrial data acquisition solutions, Pix4D will showcase its latest updates to its photogrammetry platform PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey, which the company claims have benefited from extensive investments in research and development over the past 10 years. “Now they can process LiDAR and photogrammetry data sets in the same project, making the most of both forms of data collection. In addition, PIX4Dsurvey now integrates volume measurements into its workflow, which increases its usefulness when working with vectorization and generating a TIN of projects in preparation for CAD, ”said a press release from Pix4D. “Both updates will be rolled out with a novel perpetual licensing scheme along with the existing subscriptions as well as price adjustments and promotional discounts for the remainder of 2021 to celebrate their impact.”

“We look forward to taking part in Intergeo and seeing other geospatial engineers and specialists who share our experiences and ideas,” says Christoph Strecha, CEO and co-founder of Pix4D. “We will also be providing live demos of the viDoc RTK rover to show users how to get professional results using Pix4D software and a consumer mobile device – an iPhone or iPad. It’s exciting to be able to interact face-to-face in a safe environment. “

The 10th anniversary of Pix4D is a milestone in the young drone industry. “… the Intergeo event is a great opportunity for Pix4D to highlight what a decade of experience brings and what functionality the latest photogrammetry software can achieve,” the company says. Pix4D is also holding a user conference in October.

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