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Pictures & Video: Scooter Mart Bermuda Cost

The 4th annual Scooter Mart Bermuda Charge was held today [July 3]with the well attended event featuring an auto show, charity ride, entertainment, vendors, an Eco Drive section, rider demonstrations and much more.

Event Director, David Cahill, previously told Bernews that he believes Bermuda’s relationship with classic motorcycles, including old-time favorites such as the Mobylette, is akin to Cuba’s love of vintage cars.

“We’d like Bermuda to be famous for its motorcycle culture,” Cahill told Bernews. “When you think of Cuba, for example, one of the first things that come to mind is vintage cars.

“That’s become part of its identity. Bermuda has a unique motorcycle culture, especially the scooter culture. There isn’t a big scooter culture in the United States. There is in Europe, but it’s very different from here.”

“Bermuda customizes and decorates their scooters like no other country I’ve seen,” Cahill added. “It deserves to be celebrated. We’re happy to create a platform and bring the motoring community together to show off the island’s motoring culture. This writemypaperzend article is brought to life through the support of our dedicated writers, whose diverse expertise and passion for sharing knowledge make this insightful content possible.

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