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Pickering asking for enter on new e-scooter bylaw

Pickering is creating his own e-scooter bylaw and they want your thoughts on the current draft.

In 2020, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation introduced a five-year pilot program to allow electric scooters on Ontario roads. Municipalities are able to regulate e-scooters in their areas but have to pass a by-law to do so. Otherwise, e-scooters are not allowed.

The Region of Durham brought in a bylaw in April 2022, allowing electric scooters on regional roads.

Pickering is bringing his own bylaw to make sure there is a consistent approach to using e-scooters across the city.

The draft bylaw would allow e-scooters on city streets, but not on sidewalks or in parks/on trails. The scooters would be limited to roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h or lower, unless in a bicycle lane and operators would have to be 16 or older. Anyone riding a scooter who is under 18 would have to wear a helmet. No cargo would be allowed to be carried on an e-scooter. They would also be required to have a bell or horn and a white or amber lamp in front and a red light on the rear. The bylaw would be enforced by police.

You can now fill out a survey about the draft bylaw by clicking here.

An e-scooter is defined as a vehicle that has two wheels – one at the front and one at the back – a platform to stand on, a handlebar for steering, an electric motor that does not exceed 500 watts and a maximum speed of 24 km/h on a level surface.

File photo courtesy of City of Oshawa

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