Physiotherapy Foot Therapeutic massage & Muscle Simulator



The Physiotherapy Foot Massage & Muscle Simulator uses wireless low-frequency physiotherapy that helps reduce swelling, while 10 levels of adjustable intensity and 6 vibration modes directly stimulate the acupuncture points, quickly relieving soreness and slowing down physical fatigue. Made of soft yoga mat material, this device provides great relaxation and alleviates pain associated with aching feet and legs. Its anti-slip design adds more comfort to your sore feet and legs. This soft and comfortable footpad is lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry anywhere.

  • Low-frequency physiotherapy: Helps reduce swelling

  • 10 intensity levels & 6 vibration modes: Relieve soreness and slow down physical fatigue

  • Anti-slip design: Adds more comfort to the feet

  • Soft yoga mat material: Provides great relaxation & alleviates pain caused by aching feet and legs

  • Soft & comfortable: Lightweight, foldable & easy to carry

  • Cleans easily: Can be dried with a wet towel after use


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