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Philips turns to Powerfoyle to photo voltaic cost its newest on-ear Go headphones

Philips has chosen to deploy Powerfoyle solar charging tech on its latest on-ear sports headphones.

Urbanista debuted its Los Angeles headphones with Powerfoyle back in 2021 and has since brought the technology to 2022’s Phoenix in-ears.

Now Philips is experimenting with the technology, which uses both sunlight as well as indoor artificial light to charge. The key benefit is that runtime can be pretty much endless providing you aren’t sat in a dark room. The A6219 Go Headphones have an 80 hour runtime, too – so you’d get through a lot of listening even if you went from full to completely exhausting the battery, You can monitor charging progress via the Philips Headphone App.

And, since they’re sports headphones, they’re also water, sweat and dustproof.

The company has also revealed the A6709 Go Open headphones (we don’t yet have an image of these). These work similarly to true wireless buds in that they have a charging case but they have an open acoustic design for full awareness of your surroundings. The A6709s are IP55 sweatproof with 28 hours of listening time (7 in the headphones plus three charges in the case).

We don’t yet know how much the new range will cost or when they’ll be hitting stores.

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