Parrot and Speedy Imaging present AR for ANAFI drones

Parrot and Rapid Imaging brings AR situational awareness to professional drone users

Enhanced geospatial augmented reality overlays are now compatible with ANAFI platform drones

Parrot, the leading European drone group, today announced its partnership with Rapid Imaging – a technology provider providing geospatial augmented reality (AR) and situational awareness solutions to government and corporate users.

The new partnership “combines Parrot ANAFI USA, ANAFI platform drones and the FreeFly SDK with the SmartCam3D® SDK from Rapid Imaging, the industry-leading geographic platform for augmented reality and situational awareness for unmanned aircraft systems,” the company said in a press release.

The augmented reality functionality offers drone operators additional situational awareness. “SmartCam3D® superimposes valuable geospatial data such as street vectors, street names, points of interest, polygons and other relevant map elements with real-time full-motion video (FMV), which is provided by the powerful 4K HDR video from ANAFI USA (32x). Zoom and live Video streaming capabilities – provide mission personnel with enhanced situational awareness when performing critical drone operations, ”the press release said. “With SmartCam3D®, end users can interact with live drone videos in the same way as they would with a map display; By dropping a pin to mark a location or geocoding a selection from the real-time video stream. These powerful situational awareness capabilities provide opportunities for a variety of roles ranging from airborne law enforcement to insurance and industrial inspections to natural disaster response, real estate, and search and rescue operations. “

The partnership between Parrot and Rapid Imaging gives ANAFI users even more features.

“Using Parrot ANAFI USA’s precise GPS coordinates and advanced flight capabilities, SmartCam3D® provides first responders and military personnel with up-to-date geographic spatial AR overlays for live video, combining the benefits of a 2D map display and full motion video display in a single operational picture. “Said Jerome Bouvard, Parrot Director of Strategic Partnerships. “This new partnership will provide easy-to-understand data to help first responders make quick and accurate decisions on high-stress missions.”

All data captured via SmartCam3D® during sensitive missions is safe as Parrot drone users must choose to share flight data with Parrot in order to securely store footage. Parrot ANAFI USA also has SD (Secure Digital) card encryption, which ensures complete protection of photos and videos if the drone or SD card is lost.

“The Parrot ANAFI USA has been a great collaboration platform. As a developer with years of experience delivering spatial situational awareness technologies to military end users, platform metadata reported by the UAV is critical to mission success,” said David Geisler. Rapid Imaging CEO. “The Parrot team is getting it right by ensuring high quality, synchronous metadata from ANAFI and ensuring accurate geospatial information and overlay for end users.”

The SmartCam3D® SDK is available for Android, iOS, Linux and Windows systems for use with ANAFI and ANAFI USA platform drones.

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