Pagico 10: Everlasting Lifetime License


Pagico is where all your work and schedule stay organized so you can work better and faster. It combines task management, note-taking, and data organization in one intuitive platform. With Pagico, you can easily visualize your tasks and projects using interactive flowcharts, making it a breeze to track progress and stay on top of your workload. Collaboration is easy with real-time syncing and sharing features, allowing you to work together effortlessly with your team.

Whether you’re a professional, a student, or someone who wants to take control of your tasks and projects, Pagico is the go-to tool. It’s available on all your devices, so you can stay organized and productive wherever you go. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to streamlined workflows with Pagico.

MacLife: “Pagico makes similar “be productive and stay organized” proclamations, but actually delivers on those promises in a way few Mac apps do.”

Gilbert Van Hoeydonck: “Pagico further strengthens an original and superbly customisable task and project management app… it remains a productivity engine to be reckoned with.”

MacUpdate: “Pagico’s strength is its ability to link objects, contacts and projects. The iOS apps are robust as well and I love having my data on the go.”

Mac.AppStorm: “It does a great job at pulling everything together, no matter how scattered your tasks are between inbox and projects. It’s simple, and brilliant.”


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