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OPPO Enco X score: improbable genius

OPPO cemented its place as a major audio brand with the introduction of its Enco M31 last year. Exceptional sound quality has been achieved with these affordable wireless headphones. The company followed suit with the Enco W31 TWS on a budget. Now OPPO has announced its premium offering in the TWS earphone segment – the Enco X. As the saying goes, “With the higher price comes a greater responsibility,” it seems OPPO has delivered. But are these headphones enough for you at £ 169 in the UK and INR 9,990 in India? Let’s find out in our OPPO Enco X review.

OPPO Enco X Review: Technical Specifications

Art In-ear true wireless
Audio driver 11mm
Frequency range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Audio codecs LHDC / AAC / SBC
Noise control modes Maximum noise cancellation
Noise cancellation
Noise cancellation off
Bluetooth BT 5.2
size 66.3 * 49 * 21.7mm
Other Degree of protection IP54

Sound quality and ANC

The most important aspect of an audio product is its sound quality. Therefore we start our OPPO Enco X test with its audio performance. Let me tell you that right away Enco X sounds fantastic.

OPPO made its premium TWS earbuds in partnership with Dynaudio. The device supports High Definition Codec (LHDC) with low latency, This only works on a handful of devices, but it’s not a big deal in my opinion. You can experience audio in LHDC on a variety of OPPO smartphones, including the Find X2 Pro. However, AAC / SBC is used by default on other devices. These have dynamic 11 mm drivers.

I listen to a lot of acoustic music alongside songs from Vance Joy, The Lumineers, Kodaline, Oasis, Simple Plan, and Smiths. Judge anything you want, that’s me.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy the audio experience on these headphones. You can see the various instruments in the background while the vocals sound clear as always. They don’t affect the mids for a haughty bass.

Music is a joy to listen to, but the highs might get sharper than preferred when you have ANC on Max

While the bass stays strong, it doesn’t throb, which I like. Still, I have sometimes experienced deafening high heights (in Max ANC). The high frequencies could be sharper than preferred. And for me that is the only disadvantage in the audio segment. The sound stage is on par with the AirPods. I also enjoyed listening to podcasts.

For the unconscious, ANC helps analyze the sounds around you and then creates a counter-noise that suppresses the sound waves captured by the microphones.

The OPPO Enco X functions one of the best ANC you can find in this segment. I was really impressed with the ANC performance. You can choose four ANC levels from the My Melody app on Android. These options are:

  • Noise cancellation off
  • transparency
  • Noise cancellation
  • Maximum noise cancellation
  • Design and comfort

Design and comfort

The OPPO Enco X are small and light. They come in black and white color options and we received the former. The casing as well as the buds have a shiny surface and can be easily scratched. Each bud weighs 4.8 grams and the charging case is another 42.5 grams which is the same in total 52.5 grams. The device is too Degree of protection IP54 for sweat resistance.

They are comfortable to wear for a long time. To me, they fell out of my ear while I was exercising, but you get three pairs of earbuds to match your fit. I’ve listened to music, watched The Office, streamed YouTube, and made calls – all at once. And I’m happy to announce that I haven’t felt tired. There was no perspiration, but it’s also worth noting that the room temperature was between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Gestures and the control app

The OPPO Enco X has a short stem that also offers some functions. The controls are easy to learn and you are given the following options:

  • Double tap
  • Triple tap
  • Stop
  • Long stop
  • Swipe up and down

The swiping gestures are a bit tricky

Typing gestures work properly, and the long hold works well too. However, swiping up and down is difficult. You need to hold the earbud by the top while sliding your finger on the stem or they will fall out.

You are given many options for each control. The double click gesture can be configured to play / pause, previous and next. In addition, three tapping can access the voice assistant and the long hold gesture gives you ANC options.

However, you cannot confuse these options. You cannot assign ANC to double tap or voice assistant for long hold. It didn’t bother me very much, and I don’t think you wouldn’t mind either, but it’s worth mentioning.

These gestures can be configured in the accompanying OPPO HeyMelody app. In particular, the app is only available in the Google Play Store. This means that if you are an iPhone user, you will not be able to configure the gestures.

Battery life

The OPPO Enco X is said to last up to 4 hours with activated noise suppression and up to 5.5 hours with deactivated function. The charging case can last up to 20 hours or 25 hours. These numbers are tested at 50% volume. When I used it, the buds lasted 3.5 hours with the ANC on, and I was able to use them four more times before plugging in the charging case. The case also supports Qi wireless charging. With wired charging, these can be charged from 0 to full in less than an hour and a half.

OPPO Enco X review: conclusion

The OPPO Enco X are a joy to use. In particular, you get LHDC and AAC codecs and miss out on aptX. But you don’t miss the sound quality. These offer a fantastic sound with a segment leading ANC. At £ 169 in the UK you may have several other options to choose from, but at INR 9,990 in India there aren’t many options with this level of benefit. These are easy to recommend.

    The OPPO Enco X are a joy to use. In particular, you get LHDC and AAC codecs and miss out on aptX. But you don’t miss the sound quality. These offer a fantastic sound with a segment leading ANC.

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