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Ooni is providing a tasty 20% Black Friday low cost on their residence pizza ovens

The menu selection. The placing of the order. The nervous waiting for the doorbell to ring before you grab the box from the hand of the deliverer, tear open the box and devour your four-cheese seafood special with extra garlic sauce – all before you can make it back to the sofa . There’s so much about takeaway pizza that you can’t make at home.

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However, add one of Ooni’s angular ovens to your patio and you can recreate the crispy delicacy of freshly toasted slices of dough. From wood pellets to gas cartridges, Ooni stoves run on a range of different fuels – and each one is designed to provide the perfect home pizza experience.

The best news? Ooni is offering a generous 20% discount on every single one of its pizza ovens for Black Friday. Buy before November 29th and save up to £ 100 on almost all stoves, fuels and cooking accessories.

Would you like the Ooni Pro 16 for easy multi-fuel margaritas to share with your friends? Buy until Monday and get it for £ 399 – versus the usual menu price of £ 499. Or opt for the Fyra 12 for a smaller wood-burning friend. currently reduced by 50 €.

Like your request for two medium-sized pizzas with a serving of French fries, Ooni also has great bundle offers – and these are also included in the Black Friday discount bonanza. The Koda 12 Essentials Bundle, for example, packs you the compact, chimney-free Koda 12, plus a pizza peel, an Ooni cookbook and a practical carrying case. It’s all for you less than £ 312 – a saving of £ 78 compared to the normal package price.

Even if your oven doesn’t arrive from the local pizza parlor as quickly as usual, Ooni offers free shipping on all orders over £ 25. Add one to your cart now and you could be enjoying homemade pizza until Black Friday. You can also use the money you save for additional toppings. Pineapples and anchovies, anyone?

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