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OneXPlayer Mini is a extra transportable handheld console for AAA gaming on the go

When it was announced in 2021, OneXPlayer was a curious suggestion. The device is like the love child of PC and Switch and offers you the opportunity to play AAA games on the go – without streaming. And since the device is running Windows, you can even turn on Office, type on an external keyboard, and pretend you bought it for work.

Then Steam Deck stomped into the room and stole the thunder of every other handheld gaming PC as it was significantly less likely to cause your bank account to cause a heart attack. Now OneXPlayer is striking back with a slightly miniaturized version of its handheld – albeit still with a maxi price tag.

X factor (of around 0.8)

So this price tag. It starts at $ 1259, which gets you the OneXPlayer Mini with 512GB of storage – although that goes up to $ 1599 for the 2TB version. Fortunately, the device has a solid set of features that will tempt you to part with your money.

On the outside, chic design work compensates for an atmospheric black housing with orange highlights. The handheld’s ergonomic curves are similar to those of a console gamepad, and the buttons and triggers are high quality pieces.

Both the footprint and the display of the handheld are roughly 80% the size of the OneXPlayer equivalents – although the Mini is a bit thicker. While playing, you’ll be amazed by a 7-inch IPS multitouch display with 1920 × 1200 323 ppi (compared to the 8.4-inch display of the standard OneXPlayer) and hear audio pumped from two front-facing stereo speakers will.

Totally wired

Connectivity is via 2x USB-C, 1x USB-A and a headphone jack. If you dig into the bowels of the device you’ll find that it’s powered by an Intel Core i7-1185G7 and an Intel Iris Xe graphics. There’s also a fast SSD, Wi-Fi 6 / Bluetooth 5.0 support, and a PC-quality fan to make sure the thing doesn’t melt while playing high-end games. Although the two hours of “full load playing time” could pay off anyway.

The developers of the device are ambitiously suggesting that it be pocket-sized, although its dimensions are similar to those of a Switch, but thicker. The crux of the matter, however, will be the price. While the OneXPlayer Mini is 81g lighter than a Steam Deck and has a better layout for its controls, what makes the OneXPlayer a tough gadget is that you buy Valve’s most expensive device, a brand new Switch, and ten dollars for a giant bag of Haribo can sell – even if those orange stripes are chic.

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