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Ola’s electrical scooter leaked; Anticipate a spread of 100 km

It will likely have a number of its own techie tricks with smart, connected functions.

By Sahil Gupta
| Updated: 02-Feb-21 11:44 AM IST


Ola has already announced its intention to evolve from a ride-sharing service to an electric vehicle manufacturer. At the same time, the Dutch start-up Etergo acquired it. Now a first-person scooter called the AppScooter has been leaked that many believe will be the first Ola branded scooter. The scooter broke cover in a camouflaged avatar.

The Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer is booming with the success of the Ather 450X and the Bajaj Chetak. Ola Electric’s offer intends to dent this area. The AppScooter prototype had proprietary banana-shaped batteries that were curved to slide under the rider’s seat and feet. This also allowed the scooter to open up the cargo space under the seat for an additional 50 liters of steering, which is virtually unknown in the electric scooter market. This would make it incredibly practical.

Ola has signaled its intention to transform itself into an electric vehicle manufacturer

It will likely have a number of its own techie tricks with smart, connected functions. The AppScooter had a top speed of 45 km / h in the prototype stage, but this could be more than twice as fast at 100 km / h. It is likely that it will have a range of 100 kilometers on a single charge as well.

The original AppScooter from Etergo

“We are currently fully focused on setting up a mega-factory for scooters with a capacity of 2 million per year, where our range of electric scooters and two-wheelers will be introduced. And of course we are putting our electric scooters through their paces on the test tracks . ” Rigorously test and tweak it to get it ready for production and launch in the coming months, “Ola said in a statement.


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