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Ola’s Aggression on E-Scooter Costs: Can begin retailing at Rs 85,000

Almost everyone who drives a vehicle understands the need to switch to a zero-emission vehicle. Rising fuel prices and ever-increasing pollution have forced everyone to look for feasible options. Speaking of two-wheelers, we’ve had gamers like Ather, Bajaj etc who have created the necessary awareness and while these scooters fit almost all the criteria, but when it comes to prices they are the proverbial sour grapes, especially for the money-hungry Indian middle class.

Ola, who was in the news for his upcoming electric scooter, had recently started pre-booking the scooter for just Rs 500. Thanks to the hype about the scooter itself, Ola was able to manage over 100,000 bookings within 24 hours. That’s 50,000,000 rupees – far more than an average startup with a promising future can muster.

According to a report by Business Standard, Ola’s e-scooter could cost anywhere from 85,000 to 110,000 rupees on the street. This is exactly where most gasoline powered two-wheelers are priced. Therefore, Ola wants to appeal to these users who want to switch to an environmentally friendly vehicle. Ola plans to have these scooters home delivered when they are finished as the company is still building its dealer network in the country.

Varun Dubey, Ola’s Marketing Director, told the publication: “We address the entire two-wheeler market in the country – that’s around 21 million a year. We see no reason why customers don’t switch to electric. The majority of the ICE scooter market in India is between ~ 85,000 and ~ 1.1 lakh on the road, and that’s where we will position our range of electric scooters. “

The Indian two-wheeler market is currently at 21 million vehicles and Ola has an ambitious plan to gain at least 50% market share. In addition, Ola plans to launch the scooter in international markets such as Southeast Asia and Europe as well.

Ola is confident of being able to comfortably achieve both goals thanks to his FutureFactory, which when completed will be the largest two-wheeler factory in the world.

Ola electric scooter: what we know

The exact details of the scooter have been kept under wraps, however the company has revealed its design, which is similar to the Etrego App Scooter.

A recently published mandatory listing suggests that the Ola e-scooter could be available in several variants. The scooter series could be referred to as the S series, which includes scooters – S1 and S1 Pro, with the S1 expected to be the base variant while the S1 Pro could be the fully loaded top-end variant.

The company claims the scooter will be able to travel 150 kilometers on a single charge at a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. In addition, the scooter is expected to be available in several color options, including – black, gray, blue. However, there is a chance that it could also come in silver, gold, pink, as well as pastel colors like red, yellow and blue.

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