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OLA Electrical Scooter: Right here is how one can get an Ola electrical scooter without spending a dime

Electric scooter maker Ola Electric has announced that it will give free Ola S1 Pro Gerua electric scooters to those consumers who can achieve a range of 200 km on a single charge.

“Looking at the excitement, we’ll give a free Gerua scooter to 10 more customers who cross 200 km range in a single charge! We have 2 who’ve crossed, one each on MoveOS 2 and 1.0.16. So anyone can achieve ! The free scooter will be delivered in June 2022 at the company’s Futurefactory in Tamil Nadu,” Chairman and Group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal posted to Twitter.

Ola launched the Gerua edition of its S1 Pro electric scooter during the Holi festive season.

The Bengaluru-based company has been attempting to regain user trust after the recent incidents of fire on its electric scooters. Many electric scooters, notably the Ola electric scooter, abruptly burst into flames, prompting the government to appoint a team to carry out investigations. Ola has held events at many places to educate users and promote electric vehicles within its community.

The company claims that Ola customers, who booked the electric scooters in the latest purchase window, received their S1 Pro scooters within 24 hours of ordering them.

“Deliveries now happening in under 24 hours from purchase! Great work by the @OlaElectric team. Most other brands have months waiting. Even registrations take a few days in dealerships. The future is here, be a part of it!,” Aggarwal tweeted.

Ola also plans to release an upgrade for its electric scooters that will provide new features, navigation, and increased efficiency. Ola S1 e-scooters can be booked on the Ola electric app and its website. Users can choose the model, the color and the location for delivery with the help of the app. The beta version of MovOS was given to a few select buyers, and the final version will be released soon, with new features and a wider range.

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