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Ola Electrical Scooter Reported To Obtain A Large FAME-II Subsidy Of Over Rs 50,000 – Know-how Information, Firstpost

Ola Electric is preparing to launch its first electric scooter, rumored to be called the Ola Series S, in August. While the company has been silent about the specifics of its first e-scooter, Tech2 previously announced that the scooter will be sold direct to buyers online and delivered to their homes, and that it will have fixed batteries and an expected range of up to 150. will have kilometers on a full charge. Now we can announce that Ola’s electric scooter is also eligible for a substantial grant of more than 50,000 rupees under the centre’s FAME II program.

Battery capacity from Ola Electric to claim massive FAME-II subsidies

For the uninitiated, the Ola Series S E-Scooter is based on the Appscooter from the Dutch startup Etergo, which was acquired by Ola Electric in 2020. The Ola Electric Scooter has the same banana-shaped batteries as the Appscooter; only here are they fixed and not removable. Tech2 has now learned that the top-of-the-line Ola e-scooter – expected to be called the Ola S1 Pro – will have a battery capacity of almost 3.6 kWh; among the highest capacities for any electric two-wheeler sold in India today.

Tech2 has learned that the Ola Electric Scooter will have a battery capacity of almost 3.6 kWh. Image: Ola Electric / Tech2

In June the center revised the FAME II program, increased the incentive for electric two-wheelers to 15,000 rupees per kWh (from the previous 10,000 rupees) and doubled the subsidy limit to 40 percent of the two-wheeler price. This means that every e-two-wheeler with a new price of up to Rs 1.50 lakh is eligible for a maximum FAME II subsidy of Rs 60,000 if it has a 4 kWh battery. Given its capacity, the Ola S1 Pro is likely suitable for a FAME-II incentive of around Rs 51,000-52,000.

How subsidies affect the price of the Ola electric scooter

Since Ola Electric knows that electric two-wheelers that cost more than Rs 1.50 lakh (ex works) have no incentives, Ola Electric will not exceed this figure with the top-end S1 Pro variant either. Even if the ex showroom price is slightly higher than the ex works price, the FAME II subsidy will ensure that the effective price to the end buyer is just over Rs 1 lakh. Of course, this also means that if Ola opts for the S1 Pro for less than 1.50 rupees, the final price could well drop below the 1 lakh-Rs mark, and that would be a statement.

The top version of the Ola Electric Scooter should have a real range of up to 150 kilometers. Image: Ola Electric

Please also note the state subsidies for electric two-wheelers. A number of states have sophisticated EV policies, but it is Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra that are currently offering significant incentives for electric two-wheeler buyers. Currently, the maximum allowance for an e-two-wheeler in Gujarat is 20,000 rupees, in Maharashtra even 25,000 rupees. These will have a direct impact on the prices of Ola’s electric scooter, which is most likely available in these states at the lowest prices in all of India.

Introduction of the Ola electric scooter, details on the functions

The launch date of the Ola Electric scooter will be announced in the coming days, and the price will be announced sometime in August. The Ola Electric Series S e-scooter also claims to have the largest under-seat storage space in its category, with the ability to accommodate two half-face helmets. It will be available in a total of ten color variants.

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