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Ola electrical scooter must be delivered to your property? CEO Bhavish holds ballot

One day after announcing that he is setting the launch date for the highly anticipated Ola electric scooter, Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal tweeted a poll asking how customers would like to buy their scooters – in the showroom or from the comfort of their homes .

Aggarwal tweeted the poll and asked, “How would you like to buy your scooter?” with two options: online and home delivery and “physical dealer / store”.

Over 60 percent of those surveyed chose the home delivery option. Interestingly, Aggarwal has proven in the past that these surveys count for something: after Ola Electric asked the audience about their preferred color choice for the scooter, Ola Electric revealed a similar bouquet of options with ten color schemes for the Ola Electric scooter.

Rumors that Ola is considering the door delivery model for his scooter – this is the ride-aggregating company’s first automobile offering in India – have been circulating for some time. Ola had said it received bookings for the scooter via a lakh (which came in via a token booking amount of Rs 500) after initiating pre-orders on July 15. However, the direct delivery model to the consumer poses a number of challenges.

Interestingly, luxury automaker Mercedez-Benz took this approach in June, announcing a direct-to-consumer system that eliminates the dealer middlemen. Tesla Motors had tried a similar system in the United States, selling cars directly to customers through its website. While there are Tesla showrooms, customers can only get their cars right at home.

To facilitate the direct delivery process, Ola has reportedly set up a separate logistics department and plans to set up experience centers across the country.

Ola has a lot of work to do in setting up and expanding its infrastructure to sell scooters across India: The company is planning a “Hypercharger” setup in 400 Indian cities with over 100 One-Lakh locations and touchpoints. The “Hyperfactory” currently under construction should be able to produce ten million scooters per year from next year, with the first phase supposedly shortly before construction.

While official specifications are yet to be confirmed, the scooter is believed to have a single telescopic front suspension, two LED headlights, and a claimed 150 km range under normal driving conditions as well as driving modes. A top speed of over 100 km / h was also teased by Aggarwal.

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