Nuria Defend: Pores and skin Restoring Serum with Carrot Seed Oil (25ml)


Give your skin a potent boost with Carrot Seed Oil, the “miracle oil” women across Asia have trusted for generations. High concentrations of beta carotene, plus an alphabet of vitamins like B, C, D, & E, provide protection from the elements while helping turn back the clock on past skin damage. This high potency serum provides all-day antioxidant protection to restore your natural glow.

  • Carrot seed oil

    • Provides a high level of natural skin protection and helps address the effects of skin damage
    • Long-time remedy to fight dullness caused by environmental toxins, stress, & lack of sleep
  • Rooibos red tea. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sodium hyaluronate. Helps restore moisture to give you that coveted, healthy glow

After cleansing or toning, gently apply 1-2 drops to your face and neck, morning and night. Allow it to absorb completely before following with a moisturizer or make-up.

All skin types, fine lines, retaining skin’s balance, skin exposed to external stressors, such as sun or air pollution.


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