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Norwich scooter driver avoids driving ban for drinks

A man in Norwich who admitted to driving alcohol behind the wheel of an electric scooter avoided being banned from driving.

Tyrone Drane, 26, was spotted by police on an electric scooter on Larkman Lane on June 13th last year.

He was arrested and had 144 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood. The legal limit is 50.

Drane, of Cadge Road, Norwich, appeared before Norwich Magistrates Court on December 23rd last year when he pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle over the legal alcohol limit.

At that hearing, the scooter was not owned by the defendant and belonged to a friend he had been drinking with who had encouraged him to ride it.

The case was adjourned on “special reasons” to determine whether or not Drane would be disqualified on his admission of guilt.

After a trial on Thursday (August 5th), the city council of Drane decided not to disqualify Drane for any special reason.

Ian Fisher, who represented Drane, argued that there was “considerable uncertainty” about the legal position of e-scooters at the time of the act, as government guidelines were only published in July 2020.

Mr Fisher said Drane relied on the scooter owner’s assurance that there were no legal restrictions on its use.

He also told the court that Drane only rode the e-scooter a short distance and at low speed.

No disqualification was given by the city magistrates for finding specific reasons regarding Drane, who they believed had reported openly and honestly.

However, he was fined £ 400, paid £ 105 in costs and £ 40 sacrificial surcharge.

Mr. Fisher said Drane was “pleased and relieved with the result”.

The court had previously heard that there was no evidence that Drane was driving the scooter in a way that posed any danger to anyone at the time.

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