Scooters And One Wheels

Northern Rail is making the community much more inclusive with the mobility scooter program. • THIIS Journal

Rail operator Northern continues to redesign its rail network by making it more accessible to people with reduced mobility.

It is said that travel is currently restricted due to COVID-19, but it is still working on making its rail network more accessible for customers returning.

Mobility scooter users can travel to and from more than 100 stations across the northern network due to a new accessibility scheme introduced last year. The licensing system for mobility scooters was introduced last year on more than 21 routes and at a total of 140 stations in the network. Dozens of applications have been submitted so far, Northern confirms.

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Maxine Myers, Northern Accessibility Enhancement Manager, said: “More than 21 routes on our network are now scooter-friendly – and more will be added in the near future as we continue to make our trains and stations as accessible as possible to our passengers.

“The program has already been hugely popular and while we strongly encourage people to continue to follow government advice only when it is essential to work or for other legal reasons, we want our customers to know that our network is scooter users to help them get where they need to be.

“Anyone wanting to get their scooters on our trains should apply for a permit first so we can check that it meets the standards that make it safe for us to take them on board.”

Passengers can apply for a permit and their scooter will be assessed to ensure they can be carried safely on board.

Each user receives a personalized sticker that can be easily identified and applied to the pre-assessed vehicle. This is accompanied by a card that customers can carry when using scooters that do not have a suitable space to display the sticker.

Chris Jackson, Northern Regional Director, commented: “We are committed to giving people with additional mobility the confidence to travel by rail, even during the CODIC-19 pandemic. We want to support our customers whenever they need it.

“The mobility scooter program is an example of this commitment. We will try to improve accessibility in our network when we introduce similar improvements to other stations in the future.” 18: 33 + 00: 00Sarah SarsbyNewsroomSector newsaccessible railroad, accessible transportation, accessible travel, mobility equipment, mobility scooter, mobility scooter permit, mobility scooter program, Northern, Northern RailRail operator Northern continues to redesign its rail network by making it more accessible for people with reduced mobility. While travel is currently restricted due to COVID-19, work continues to make its rail network more accessible when customers return. Mobility scooter …

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