Scooters And One Wheels

Northampton ex-nurse with disabilities is “overwhelmed” after accomplice’s probability encounter with Superman on a scooter without cost mobility

Linda Alexander and Duncan McCloud were overwhelmed to receive the free mobility scooter from the British Mobility Project

A chance encounter with ‘Superman’ in Northampton city center resulted in a disabled ex-nurse being given a free mobility scooter – and a mental reading.

Last month, Duncan McCloud spotted Saleem Syed, dressed as The Man of Steel and selling scooters from the British Mobility Project, and bought a ticket.

Then Saleem and celebrity medium Marcus Starr delivered the mobility scooter to Duncan’s very surprised partner Linda Alexander last week.

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(LR) The managing director of the British Mobility Project, Saleem Syed, Linda Alexander, Duncan McCloud and the medium Marcus Starr

Duncan said, “I couldn’t believe it. We were both so overwhelmed.”

Linda spent her career as an ENT nurse in a hospital, but suffered from an autoimmune disease that affects her muscles and movements, forcing her to quit her job.

Saleem sponsors the British Mobility Project, which provides free wheelchairs and scooters to registered disabled people by dressing up as Superman and selling tickets in city centers across the country.

Duncan noticed him and said, “Something made me buy a ticket.”

The medium Marcus Starr gives Linda Alexander and Duncan McCloud a free reading as part of the presentation

Saleem added, “We had a chat and I quickly realized that this couple needed my help.

“I was able to get a mobility scooter within 24 hours of our meeting.”

A note from Linda on the project’s Facebook page thanked them for the kind gift and said she was “blown away” by their generosity.

“Aside from family gatherings, this is the only good thing that has happened in the past 18 years,” she wrote.

Saleem Syed dresses up as Superman to promote the British Mobility Project

“It gave me back some independence, I still can’t quite believe it at the moment and have to look at it further and think, is it really mine or am I dreaming.”

As an added gift, Marcus, who worked for Sky TV and worked with the late Derek Acorah on Psychic Today, attended the presentation at Bellinge and gave the couple a free reading.

Duncan said, “What he said resonated with me. I’ve seen some terrible things, especially when I’ve been to the Falkland Islands and Ireland, and I’ve lost some close comrades.

“I’m glad you are at peace and I think reading this has helped me too.”

For every reading Marcus gives on The British Mobility Project, a portion of the fee is paid to the program.

“The project is so good. Helping people is what I do and working with the project allows us to help even more,” he said.

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