Ninja Dragon 4K Twin Digicam Good Drone


The Ninja Dragon is easy to fly and doesn’t break the bank. With this smart drone, you can fly from anywhere. It uses optical flow positioning, one key take-off/landing, and uses smart follow function to make your drone easy to control. And with a 1800mAh modular battery, it’s a fun and functional accessory for all occasions.

  • Dual 4K UHD camera. Capture stunning images in high quality
  • One key take-off/landing. Easily find its way home using the one-button back function
  • Optical flow positioning. Accurately lock the height for greater stability when making videos & taking photos
  • 1800mAh modular battery. Hovers in the air for up to 15 minutes
  • Gesture recognition. Detects programmed gestures within a 2-meter range
  • Smart follow function. Lets you follow your target through APP lock
  • Compact design w/ foldable body. Can be easily stored in a handbag for outdoor carrying


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