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New M3 Macs are imminent – here is when Apple’s ‘Scary Quick’ occasion is going on

Apple has announced it will be holding a Mac event on 30 October. It seems to be an online event only – rather than having an in-person element. The event will be streamed live on Apple’s website, YouTube, and Apple TV and we’ll bring you the live stream right here.

Apple’s latest event is taking place at a slightly odd time – 5pm PT, which puts it at 8pm ET and midnight in the UK (GMT). The event seems set to reveal M3 Macs. Not only is the event’s tagline ‘Scary fast’ but the Apple logo on the event page transforms into a Mac Finder logo.

So any thoughts that this was an event about the AirPods Max 2nd gen – or maybe new iPads for example – should be swiftly dispatched. Apple probably thought it was wise to manage expectations given that next year is set to be a big one for the company with Apple Vision Pro on the horizon and other key products expected.

We think there will be a new 24in iMac to replace the current M1 model (could there finally be a bigger one, too?) plus new MacBook Pros – however, they will most likely look like the current generation.

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