Scooters And One Wheels

New electrical scooter laws

The RGP has launched a two-week awareness campaign to highlight the various offenses and road safety concerns regarding the use of e-scooters.

The Personal Light Electric Transports Act 2023, which was passed into law on January 26, regulates the use of E-Scooters on Gibraltar’s roads. As part of the campaign, officers will distribute leaflets in both English and Spanish to E-Scooter riders who cross the frontier and throughout Gibraltar.

The main restrictions are; E-scooters may only be used on the road and not the pavements or any pedestrianized areas; the rider must be over the age of 17; the rider must wear a securely fastened helmet; the e-scooter must not have been modified to travel over 25kph; the rider must not carry a pillion passenger or tow another person on an EScooter; the e-scooter must have lights on the front and back.

In addition, all E-Scooter riders are subject to the normal rules of the road under the Traffic Act which include, amongst other offenses, the use of mobile phones, drink and drug driving offenses and the requirement to indicate.

“From now until Monday 13 February, police officers will be stopping operators of E-Scooters and making them aware of the new regulations. After that date, anyone found breaking these regulations will be issued with £300 Fixed Penalty Notices,” said an RGP spokesperson.

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