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Netizens Have Issues Over Harmful Street Utilization Of E-scooter Riders

Recently, the basikal lajak (modified bicycle) case has gained a lot of attention on the internet and sparked massive discussion among netizens. In a series of videos posted by Facebook user Fareez Aiman ​​on the DashCam Owners Malaysia group yesterday, the e-scooter riders have also raised concerns among netizens over their dangerous road usage.

In the videos shown, many are seen riding the e-scooters freely and dangerously on the road. Some riders are even shown to be riding in the fast lane, or riding with kids.

“It’s worrying to see them riding e-scooters in crowds on the road. Cars & motorcycles near Cyberjaya are going fast. There is already no protection. Enough with the lajak bicycle case. Don’t be an e-scooter case after this. Play in the right place!” the caption says.

Indeed, e-scooters riders have no protective equipment like helmets or seatbelts, unlike car and motorbike users. The post has received 1k reactions, more than 400 comments and 3.3k shares at the time of writing.

According to the comments, the e-scooter riders are urged to ride the vehicle in the right place, such as the garden, or large, closed area. The transport ministry is also urged to impose new rules and regulations regarding the issue, such as imposing bans or establishing the scooters-only lane.

Regardless of what vehicles we are using on the road, we have to be vigilant at all times. Hopefully the e-scooter riders can prioritize everyone’s safety by thinking twice before going onto the roads.

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