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Nanoleaf’s first out of doors lights really feel the beat with software program that hyperlinks to your music

Nanoleaf has a pretty solid rap for turning our dull walls into a techno-utopian dream with its top smart lighting devices. But this time, the brand is stepping out of the house… literally. Nanoleaf is embracing the great outdoors with its first-ever outdoor lighting range, alongside other new Matter-enabled smart lights.

Nanoleaf‘s headlining act is its debut outdoor lighting devices. We’re talking smart multicolour light strips for indoor and outdoor use, outdoor string lights, and permanent outdoor lights. As you’d expect, they come with all the Nanoleaf smarts you know and love, including Matter integration.

You can set up dynamic gradients or a warm ambience, all via the Nanoleaf app or voice commands. Picture your backyard transforming into a string-lit garden party with just a few taps on your smartphone. You can group these lights with other Nanoleaf products for that seamless smart home experience. Set schedules, paint your animations, and dive into thousands of pre-set scenes.

All these new lights also come with the new Orchestrator feature. This isn’t your average “blink to the beat” tech. Nanoleaf’s Orchestrator software is like having a personal DJ for your lights. It analyses your music in real-time, picking up beats, melodies, and even the mood of the song to create synchronised light shows.

While they’re currently being shown off at CES 2024, Nanoleaf’s new outdoor lighting devices are set for a spring 2024 release. Prices haven’t been announced quite yet, so keep an eye out for more info on that front. Oh, and remember Nanoleaf’s Skylight from CES 2023? It’s now available for pre-order from €250/£230 for the Starter Kit and €80/£70 for Expansion Packs.

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