NamaStay Yoga Skilled Equipment with Three Important Cardio Objects


Lomi finds practical ways to address your fitness needs with specialized technology made to help you reach your personal goals, all in the comfort of your own home. This fitness kit will help you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be. It includes a foldable yoga mat, a yoga block, and a resistance tube band — all are very suitable for doing yoga as well as for stretching pre and post workout. These equipment are made with durable but lightweight materials which can be easily cleaned and folded for easy storage after use.

Yoga Mat

  • Perfect for yoga. Helps you build a stress-reducing yoga & stretching routine
  • Slip-free. Provides traction & ensures safer balance and protection during poses without risking physical harm
  • Foldable. Folds into a compact size for easy storage
  • Sweat absorbent TPE material. Can be easily wiped or patted down with a cloth, maintaining product longevity

Yoga Block

  • Tone & align. Sturdy design provides stability and balance needed for deeper poses that strengthen muscle groups and align the spine
  • Custom routine. Blocks are stackable, adding options to better customize & easily perform various stretches pre and post workout
  • Durable EVA foam. Lightweight & eco-friendly, making it ideal for long-term yoga and stretching use

Resistance Tube Band

  • Multifunctioning routine. Ideal for targeting the muscle groups in your stomach, arms, back & legs while engaging your coordination and flexibility
  • Durable material. Elastic design with comfortable handles; withstands hundreds of stretches & workouts
  • Lightweight & portable. Easily fits into your carry-on or purse, ensuring you don’t miss out on your routine even when traveling


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