NAIPO Ocuzen™ Moveable Shiatsu Deep Kneading Again and Neck Massager


oCuZen redefines the cushion massager. Equipped with a 3D dual massage mechanism, allowing for personalized height adjustment. Treat yourself to the luxury of a custom massage. oCuZen uses a scientific design to provide a deeply relaxing massage experience. The 4*4 massage nodes travel along the contours of the neck, shoulders, and full-back to replicate the experience of a professional human-like massage.

  • Full-back massage experience. Provides a deeply relaxing massage experience
  • Adjustable neck massager. Ensures comfort for different heights
  • Infrared heating technology. Enjoy a massage while heating, or simply heating during the freezing days
  • Simple & easy operation. Set your favorite massage mode w/ simple operation
  • Portable & lightweight. Take it anywhere to have a full-back massage
  • Space-saving. Easily affix to your office/computer/home chair to optimize your massage experience


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