Mymanu CLIK S Translation Earbuds On Sale


Introducing the Mymanu CLIK S Translation Earbuds: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

As a 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree, these wireless earbuds will revolutionize your travel experiences, enabling you to communicate with over 2 billion people in 37 languages worldwide.

Powered by MyJuno, Mymanu’s proprietary translation app, the CLIK S are more than just your average earbuds. Whether you’re face-to-face or communicating from a different country, these earbuds will allow you to speak and write in any of the supported languages. Enjoy crystal-clear HD sound while listening to your favorite music, answering calls, or reading texts and notifications — all at your convenience.

2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree

Translate 37 Languages with Your Earbuds

  • Comfort: The CLIK S come with various-sized memory foam ear tips, ensuring a secure fit as you enjoy all its cutting-edge features.
  • Strong battery: With up to 30 hours of battery life in the charging case and 10 hours on a single charge, these earbuds are the perfect travel companion for any tech-savvy explorer.
  • Compatability: Pair with both iOS and Android devices, and enabled with AptX® for superior wireless audio experiences, these earbuds deliver high audio quality with low latency. They are also water-resistant, making them safe from sweat, moisture, and even light rain.
  • Voice assistant: Access Siri or Google with a simple press and hold.
  • Water-resistant: Safe from sweat, moisture, and even light rain.

See Why These Earbuds Are a Revolution

Customer reviews affirm the quality of these earbuds, with users praising the exceptional sound and superior translation capabilities compared to other services like Google.

Exceptional Deal Alert: This is your chance to grab a pair of the award-winning Mymanu CLIK S earbuds at a value that outshines deals on other reputable platforms. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the future of translation technology and enjoy high-quality sound on the go.


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