Mouse circumstances for Galaxy S22 Extremely and iPhone 13 Professional Max: Excessive AiroShock impression safety

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max are fantastic smartphones that range from $1,100 to $1,500. Mous is known for its extreme drop testing videos and for the past couple of weeks we tested three cases with these two flagship smartphones.

On the Mous site you can find several case models available for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Google Pixel phones, iPad, Apple AirPods, and more. Some Samsung Mous cases support its AutoAlign Plus connection while many iPhone cases support MagSafe. Screen protectors, mounts, and many other accessories are also available from Mous.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases

Mous has six case options for the S22 Ultra and we tested out two of those models. The Clarity clear case, priced at $59.99, is designed to protect your phone while also letting you show off your selected color. This may be important to those who bought one of the lovely colorful S22 Ultra models.

The edges of the case are lined with AiroShock impact protection material and the clear back panel is made with anti-yellowing material that is UV resistant. Wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, and Samsung Pay work just fine with the phone mounted in the case. The case adds only about 2mm to the size of your phone so is a great minimalist design with solid drop protection.

The Mous Aramid Fiber phone case offers a similar level of drop protection with the Mous AiroShock technology, but also supports the Mous AutoAlignPlus technology. This is Mous technology that positions 20 magnets strategically in the back panel of the case to align and connect with the AutoAlignPlus accessories. These accessories include a card wallet, flip wallet, suction car mount, vent car mount, and wireless chargers. It’s a similar idea to MagSafe and with the Apple iPhone Limitless 4.0 cases Mous switched those cases to MagSafe support.

The Mous Aramid Fiber case is a Limitless 3.0 case that has survived extreme drop testing. An opening for a wrist strap is embedded into the side of the case to help you carry your phone in some situations.

The inside back panel has soft material to protect the back of your phone while there are also two storage slots for additional SIM cards. Cool teal-colored buttons are present for volume and power activation. The case supports standard wireless charging on the Samsung phone, as well as other wireless functions such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and reverse wireless charging. The case is available in the Aramid Fiber design for $64.99.

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max case

Mous offers ten different case options for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. We spent time with the Limitless 4.0 black leather phone case that retails for $59.99. It is currently 15% off since its a new case, so the price is $50.99. While we tried the black leather case, it is also offered in Aramid Fiber, Bamboo, Speckled Fabric, and Walnut.

The primary feature of the case is the AiroShock impact absorption system that is partially visible in the green strip inside the case. The system consists of that inner layer with outer strong, rigid materials and I highly recommend you view the extreme drop testing videos on the site to gain some confidence in the AiroShock system.

The case is MagSafe compatible so you can use the chargers, mounts, and wallets you already own with MagSafe technology. The case is constructed of polycarbonate and TPU materials with a black leather back plate to give it a professional look and feel. Apple Pay also works flawlessly with the case.

The polycarbonate ring around the rear camera opening extends out from the case to protect all three rear cameras. The edges of the case also rise above the display to provide some screen protection when set down on a surface. The volume buttons on the left side are well designed and easy to press while all essential cutouts are there for the ringer switch, speaker, and Lightning port.

Overall, it is a well designed case that offers trusted drop protection and support MagSafe technology. It’s not a bulky case either, but all edges are very well protected.

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