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Mophie’s new 3-in-1 extendable charger packs MagSafe

Qi2 is set to appear on plenty of upcoming smartphones, but iPhone lovers still have it best for now with MagSafe. With so many chargers to pick from, which one should you go for? Mophie wants top pick for your nightstand with its new 3-in-1 extendable stand charger. It packs MagSafe and can juice up your AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time.

Mophie’s new 3-in-1 extendable stand charger offers 15W speeds to juice up your iPhone. It completely supports MagSafe, so your iPhone won’t budge while on the stand. You benefit from fast charging for your Apple Watch as well, going from 0-80% in around 45 minutes on the latest models. And you can juice your AirPods up with 5W speeds. The extendable stand can go from 7.5-inches to 16-inches, letting you keep your device in sight. Plus, the tilting head lets you find the perfect viewing angle.

If a charger you can take on the go is more your speed, there’s a 3-in-1 travel charger as well. This charger folds out from a wallet size to hold three spots for your iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods. It benefits from the same 15W fast charging speeds, but wins in the size department.

Fancy charging your Apple gear in style? Mophie’s new 3-in-1 chargers are available to order directly from the brand. The extendable stand will set you back $149.95/£169.95, and the travel charger will set you back the same.

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