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The ModernDek Eclipse Lamp is 2021’s latest bedside/office lamp suitable for any modern decoration. With an eclipse fashion design, this lamp can be used as a warm light nightstand lamp that protects the eyes at night and a room atmosphere lamp that brightens any room it is in. With 3 levels of brightness and 3 color temperatures, this lamp creates a different atmosphere for your home or office anytime. In addition, the included remote control enables you to freely switch colors and brightness, matching your environment and mood.

  • 3 Color temperatures. Choose among 3000K, 4200K, & 6000K

  • 3 Brightness levels. Cold light, warm light, & natural light

  • Night light mode: Protects your eyes at night

  • Remote control: Choose brightness & temperature freely to match your mood and environment

  • Fashionable design: Can be used as a nightstand lamp or a room atmosphere lamp

How to Assemble

  1. Attach the base to the neck of the lamp & screw in tightly
  2. Attach the lamp to the neck & screw in tightly

Lamp Operation

  1. Use the wall plug & connect it to the outlet
  2. Press the activator button to allow flow of electricity to the lamp


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