Scooters And One Wheels

Missouri Metropolis is making headway in scooter rental, Good Pavement

(TNS) – Agreements with a company that installs Smart Pavement and a company that provides rental scooters for downtown areas are under review by Joplin City Council at its meeting on Monday.

Smart Pavement is a system of modular pavement slabs with built-in sensors and other devices that collect and transmit traffic data and other information and control centers for this information.

Smart Pavement can also be equipped for communication services such as wireless internet and 5G telecommunications, as well as for charging electric vehicles and operating self-driving vehicles.

A letter of intent with Integrated Roadways Co., the company on the 21st required contracts and licenses to be negotiated to proceed.

Integrated Roadways representatives, based in Kansas City, have spoken to numerous cities about the capabilities of Smart Pavement, the council said at the meeting. According to the presentation, the company is providing opportunities for governments to deal with technological advances coming to roads and highways, as well as making improvements to roads.

The company’s first project was on Brighton Boulevard, which has commercial and industrial traffic that connects to Interstate 70 in downtown Denver, Colorado for transportation.

After the Denver project, the company worked with the city of Lenexa, Kansas, to develop applications for some high-traffic intersections.

The council was informed that the company is building its road networks to local specifications. According to the personnel report, the agreement that the council will examine does not commit the city to any expenditure.

The council will also consider an agreement with Bird Rides Inc. for a one-year pilot project to deploy electric rental scooters in the city center. The city pays nothing; the cost of using the scooter is borne by the customer. The city receives a share of the rental income, including a flat-rate payment of $ 2,500 and 15 cents per trip.

The company plans to provide up to 150 scooters for short-haul use within a designated area. The scooters are used on the street and are not allowed to be used on sidewalks or in parks.

Different business

On other matters, the council will hold public hearings on two zoning requests.

One of the applications, a special use permit for 3001 Sunset Drive for the short-term rental of a basement living area, aroused some resistance in the neighborhood, according to the protocol of the planning and zoning commission.

The owner of the house, Lauren Peterson, has been running an Airbnb rental for short-term guests for around three years. The house is three stories with a basement with bedrooms. The house is in the Sunset Ridge neighborhood, where there is a homeowners association. This association voted against the approval of a bed and breakfast, despite the fact that the Commission was informed that the association’s contract prohibits commercial use of the residential property, but that the Commission’s minutes do not specifically mention overnight letting of rooms.

The commission decided to approve the homeowner’s request.

A former councilor, a resident of the neighborhood, Dan McCreary, is listed on the agenda as a resident who has asked to speak about short-term rentals.

A public hearing is also planned for lots at the end of West Par Lane to change the zoning from single-family homes to four-family homes for townhouse construction. The proposal has generated opposition from several homeowners in the Twin Hills Drive area.

After a recent hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Commission decided to recommend that the application be rejected.

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