Milex Lengthy Attain Consolation Wipe


The Milex Long Reach Comfort Wipe is the ultimate solution for all your needs, and you’ll never want to go back to bending over again. It is designed with an ergonomic and contoured shape and a soft rubber handle to assist individuals comfortably and safely. It’s cushioned, flexible end grips toilet paper, tissue, or pre-moistened wipes securely so you don’t have to risk injury or pain by trying to bend down.

It’s easy to use. Simply insert a few toilet tissues or moisturized wipes into the head of the toilet wand. The soft and flexible end grips the tissues and wipes securely. A unique release button makes disposal quick and easy! You shouldn’t have to limit your life because of mobility issues, but you shouldn’t have to jeopardize your safety and comfort just for basic needs either. The Milex Long Reach Comfort Wipe takes care of all that for you!

  • 15″ long. Assists to complete wiping function independently with dignity
  • Ergonomic shape. Assists individuals comfortably & safely
  • Cushioned, flexible end. Grips toilet paper, tissues, or pre-moistened wipes securely
  • Unique release button. When the wiping function is completed, push the release button on the other end to release the toilet papers
  • Made from plastic & rubber. Designed to be soft but durable for repeated use


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