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Micromobility veteran Okai publicizes ultra-powerful Shan 1 e-scooter

It seems that too many companies have popped up in the past few years making last mile vehicles. Everyone promises that their product is better than everyone else. I like to call companies like this “young blood relatives”.

Okai, on the other hand, is anything but young blood in the last mile industry. Never heard of this micromobility team, most people haven’t. However, you’ve probably seen an Okai product and even driven one without realizing it.

Think of it this way: Okai has focused on micromobility for over 17 years, designing and manufacturing components. Over 100 patents and all the necessary certifications for operation in almost every country in the world are claimed. It was only last year that they set up a website where you can see what they have to offer. Why? Simple. You have mainly focused on business-to-business sales with an emphasis on customer relationships.

With the inclusion of some business-to-client activities, Okai is now announcing its largest and best consumer vehicle, the Shan 1 e-scooter. If you visit the IndieGoGo page for the Shan 1, for now you will only find some information on how and where to use this scooter.

Here is the deal, what you are looking for is a vehicle that is meant to be more than just a last mile solution. Remember, Okai has mainly focused on the consumer market. With the Shan, this team does a little more than that.

Compared to other products this crew makes, the Shan is designed to broaden your horizons as to where and when you can ride it. Simply put, it’s an electric scooter designed to give you a real sense of freedom regardless of the terrain. Yes, it really is that powerful.

This beast is powered by two Bosch motors, one in each wheel. This is what propels you at speeds of up to 59.5 km / h. I don’t think that’s legal for road traffic in Europe. How much torque these two pups will crank out isn’t mentioned yet, just that you’re looking at 1000 watts.

Part two of the story is the battery system. No mention of how much juice it’ll contain, but it’s enough to cover a 61-kilometer journey on a full charge in five hours. Considering that this scooter is meant to be driven through fairly rough terrain, 61 kilometers is more than enough. That’s more than you need to drive around town yourself. I know for sure that some city streets could use such a vehicle.

The entire body is mounted on a pair of 12-inch high-performance tires that offer a ride height of 16 centimeters. That’s more than three times the height of the average scooter and almost as much space as the Wolf King electric scooter.

Since you are conquering uneven and rough terrain, the Shan is equipped with a powerful air suspension system. One shock absorber in the front and two in the rear are enough to provide cushioning and press the tires against the ground for grip.

When in doubt about the capabilities of this scooter, take the 30% incline limit as proof of its power. Have you ever climbed a 30% incline? Difficult enough with a machine that has been tuned for millennia, let alone 17 years. Still, the Shan can do it.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how much one of these puppies will cost when the prices are announced. You can also bet on your lower dollar that the early bird specials are gone like hot cakes.

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