Medication from the sky. Drone supply in India

ANRA delivers “Medicine from Heaven” in India

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

ANRA Technologies has announced its participation in the Indian initiative “Medicine From The Sky”. The project was sponsored by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the Government of India’s Department of Information Technology Electronics and Communications (ITE & C) in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), NITI Aayog, an Indian government think tank for public policy, and Emergency. and health management service provider HealthNet Global.

The initiative uses drone technology to bring drugs over long distances to places that are difficult to access. With the support of the Minister of Civil Aviation of India, Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Telangana government has launched attempts to advance healthcare with this innovative technology.

As COVID-19 sheds light on long-term health inequalities and stimulates reflection on how to provide quality health care to everyone, delivery drones have emerged as a potential solution. ANRA and Marut Drones have teamed up to form a team that will support trials for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations in Telangana.

With valuable experience from ANRA’s recently completed BVLOS EOI studies, the Medicine From The Sky consortium will deploy ANRA’s drone-related delivery and airspace management software and deploy an entire ecosystem to ensure the drones keep their cargo safe and deliver efficiently. ANRA’s delivery software provides a network that facilitates drone deliveries by managing orders, inventory and delivering products before the drone is operated within the UTM network. The delivery software contains ANRA’s airspace management technology to enable a safe flight route for the drone and at the same time provide the customer with updates via a mobile app. The ANRA solution connects all parties involved by providing important information and data exchange for compliant and efficient delivery processes.

ANRA uniquely offers the ability to add its own drone hardware to a delivery network that includes technology that helps develop a proof of safety in order to obtain permission to fly BVLOS operations. Everyone involved in the supply chain has adequate access rights and credentials to view, control and manage their respective tasks on the network, as well as situational awareness of the inventory, the condition of the packaging and the order progress.

ANRA is also currently building the UK’s first national distribution network as part of the CAELUS project, as part of the CAELUS project, using drones to transport blood, organs and vital medical supplies across Scotland, which will help bring some of the concepts demonstrated influence.

This news follows the recent completion of a multi-million dollar financing round by ANRA, led by a consortium of global investors who will accelerate the development and continual expansion of its software portfolio and expand its international team.

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