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Whether you need to measure a room, calculate distances, or create complex floor plans, the MEAZOR 3D Laser Measurer is the perfect tool for the job.

The MEAZOR 3D Laser Measurer is a versatile and accurate measuring tool that provides 3D displacement and complex and multiple-room plan scanning. With its high precision and accuracy, this tool is ideal for professionals in the construction, architecture, and engineering industries. It features a 550mAh rechargeable battery that ensures long-lasting use. With its ability to provide 2D floor plan scanning, scale/rolling ruler, and laser distance measuring, it offers a comprehensive measuring solution.

  • 2D floor plan scanning. Instantly capture the room in a diagram & transfer it to your smartphone MEAZOR App in seconds
  • App-integrated. Available in iOS & Android
  • Scale/rolling ruler. Conversion among metric/imperial units & customized scales
  • Laser distance measure. Take instant & reliable measurements up to 25m/80ft
  • 550mAh battery. Supports up to 30 days of wireless use on a single charge
  • High accuracy. Records reliable measurements of up to 25m/80ft
  • Rechargeable. Supports USB-C charging
  • 3D tilt. Avoid Obstacles & Capture Room Height

Core Functions

  • Point Scanner
  • Scale/Rolling
  • Laser measure
  • Curve Scanner
  • Protractor
  • Level


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