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Man Buys VIP License Plate For Rs. 15 Lakhs To Put On Rs. 71,000 Scooter

Mr. Mohan spent Rs. 15.44 lakhs at the government auction to secure the number 0001

A man from Chandigarh has gone viral on the internet for spending more than Rs. 15 lakh for a super VIP number plate to put on his scooter that costs Rs. 71,000. Mr Brij Mohan recently bought the elusive number plate ending with 0001 at an auction held by the Chandigarh Registering and Licensing Authority. This follows Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s announcement stating that the government would put certain ‘special’ number plates out for auction to generate extra revenue for the state.

Mr. Mohan who runs an advertising agency spent Rs. 15.44 lakhs at the government auction to secure the number 0001. He further revealed that he bought this special number plate for a future vehicle he plans to buy around the festival Diwali in 2022. Until then however, the VIP license plate will sit on top of his Honda Activa Scooter.

The Chandigarh Registering and Licensing Authority had put a total of 378 license plates up for sale at an auction and has generated close to Rs. 1.5 crore in additional revenue. The number plate that ends with 0001 is actually currently being used in 179 government vehicles out of which 4 of them are owned by the Chief Minister of Haryana himself. The CM decided to give up these license plates and the bidding for the 0001 number plates began at Rs. 5 lakhs.

According to different reports a total revenue of Rs. 18 crore could be earned by auctioning these VIP number plates to the public as they seem to be in high demand.

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