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MAJOR Galaxy Z Fold / Z Flip Leaks, iPhone Flip Timeline & Extra! (Video)

The official news starts with deals today as we know Mother’s Day is coming. That’s why we’ve been covering you on since last week. Let’s start with the Galaxy S21 5G, which is currently $ 100 cheaper on Amazon, and leave the entry-level model shipped for $ 699. The OnePlus 8 Pro is also available for $ 100 off the original price, leaving the 256 gigs storage variant for 899, although the 9 Pro should be the one getting deals on OnePlus. Apple’s brand new iPad Air, which I still consider my favorite, is available for $ 74. The Wi-Fi variant costs $ 675. If you’re looking for a Chromebook, the Google Pixelbook Go is currently $ 50. That leaves the 128 GB memory model for 799. For more offers for Apple Watch, AirPods, Samsung phones and more, see the links in the description.

But all right, let’s talk about Google and Accidental Leaks that now I won’t accidentally call again. Google you’re late Someone should already have this product on hand and make videos about it. As you will recall, we recently heard some rumors claiming that Google was working on a cheaper version of the Pixel Buds called the Pixel Buds A. Now it’s kind of an official. Google’s German Store accidentally listed the “Pixel Buds A-Series” on its storefront. Unfortunately, we don’t have much more information on this leak, but some renders from last month showed it in a “Forest Green Color variant” that is similar in design to the current Pixel Buds. We expect to get this at Google I / O which is a couple of weeks away and, of course, at a cheaper price. Hopefully we will get more information about other hardware as well. And Google, if you need any help with these leaked videos, we are here to help.

Let’s put the spotlight on Apple and I hope you like Apple and Samsung because we have a lot of them today. Starting with Apple Music as there’s no denying that Cupertino needs to figure out how Spotify can be successful one way or another, and it looks like the strategy is focused on quality. The guys from 9to5Mac discovered the mention of “Lossless, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Atmos” in the Apple Music Code for the iOS 14.6 beta a few days ago. It’s still unclear how they plan to implement this in terms of software, but it’s a clear sign that Apple is considering a high-fidelity experience for its users. I mean, let’s face it, the marketing on AirPods Max is calling for this and we know it’s still not there. According to one report, the “lossless” level wouldn’t cost extra, but we don’t know if that extends to Dolby modes, even if it does. As far as timing goes, I wouldn’t expect it yet, even if iOS 14.6 Beta is already available. This report also mentions that Apple will announce the Lossless Tier with the AirPods 3, which are rumored to be in the third quarter. We’ll see how good that is, because Apple Music already sounds better than Spotify at the higher quality levels, but most people don’t seem to care.

Now we come to Apple and Foldables. I agree it is pretty early on to continue paying attention to this issue, but my problem is that if Ming Chi Kuo has taken the time to address this, it means that given his track record, something is coming. According to Kuo’s latest research, the foldable iPhone will come with a flexible 8-inch Quad HD + LED OLED display supplied by Samsung. He also mentions that Apple will ship between 15 and 20 million units of this foldable device. If you expected this to happen anytime soon, then not so much. About a month ago we got another report from Kuo that also mentioned that Cupertino would launch the first leaflet in 2023, and Kuo only repeated that timeframe one more time. Multiple leaks suggest this is more of a phone than a tablet and brings in a clamshell design, though it’s too early to ditch it when it competes more with Samsung’s Z Flip or Z Fold. Other rumors also suggest that we might expect Apple Pencil support and that Cupertino is working on self-healing display technology for this phone that should be interesting to see.

And finally, for today’s hottest news, let’s keep talking about leaflets but keep the spotlight on Samsung. We know the company is preparing for a big year with its two versions, and now we have a ton of details that are both good and bad. The leaks show us promotional materials for the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, which first appeared on Twitter. Good thing Z Flip 3 looks kind of hot. It brings a new design that is reminiscent of the Pixel 2 days, with all color variants having a black area for the camera module. Speaking of the camera, we have a dual module, but probably the best part of that is the outer display, which looks huge and actually usable compared to the previous thumb display on the original Z Flip. On the Z Fold 3, we have a new triple camera array on the back that looks different, but not Ultra at all. We expected it to look more like the Galaxy S21 series and have some ultra features for the price, but no. The promotional material here also says that this is the first foldable material to have a camera under the display, so you won’t see a cutout on the primary larger display. Finally, we also see the S-Pen, which is the thicker version. So it looks like it doesn’t have a slot to wear it on. We expect both phones sometime in the fall, hopefully around the time we usually get the note.

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