Magnetic Wi-fi Transportable Charger with Foldable Stand



This charging pack is the perfect charging solution for your devices. It’s super portable with a foldable & portable design, so you can bring it anywhere. The magnetic charger automatically snaps onto your phone or tablet when you put it down, and then magnetically stays in place throughout its charging time. It also has an easy-access open slot for accessing the battery, so you can charge up anytime!

  • Exclusive raised coil design. Significantly reduces heat to protect your phone

  • Compact design. Lets you single-handedly take calls, selfies, & more

  • Foldable & portable. Allows you to fold & put the magnetic portable charger in your pocket or backpack easily

  • 180° foldable aluminum alloy stand. Keeps your phone upright for a comfortable viewing angle for video watching or FaceTime

  • Wireless & wired charging. Support PD 20W USB C wired charging, and up to 10W wireless charging (7.5W for iPhone 12/13/14 series)

  • Magnetically snap & charge. Just snap the charger onto the back of your phone to seamlessly power up your device

  • Two-way charge. Quickly recharge the portable charger or power up any compatible USB-C devices


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