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Zenith AeroTech, based in VA, ensures that its wired heavy lift solutions meet the parameters of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and can be produced more quickly to meet growing demand. The company announces a partnership with VIRTEX Enterprises to develop US-made Zenith AeroTech drones

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Last month, Zenith AeroTech, a leading developer of heavy-duty tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs), announced a partnership with electronics manufacturing service provider VIRTEX Enterprises (“VIRTEX”). The partnership was formed to meet the growing demand for TAVs while ensuring that products are delivered in shorter time frames and are NDAA compliant.

“This new partnership enables our two companies to leverage their individual areas of expertise,” said Kutlay Kaya, Chairman of Zenith AeroTech. “Zenith brings years of experience designing and manufacturing bespoke TAV and free-flight drones, while VIRTEX – an AS 9100 accredited company – brings in its sought-after advanced electronics design, manufacturing and testing capabilities.”

With the Hexa, Quad 8 and Quadro models, Zenith AeroTech offers its customers the choice between three separate, highly customizable TAV platforms. Zenith’s Ground Power Tether Management System enables these TAVs to stay in the air for days and provide real permanent surveillance.

VIRTEX offers the aerospace, military and commercial markets engineering services, design, system level integration, PCBA and full lifecycle management services, each of which is delivered in vertically integrated solutions with the aim of long-term customer partnerships.

“VIRTEX’s US manufacturing capabilities and specialist aerospace experience will ensure that, unlike other drone suppliers, Zenith products are all US-made and fully NDAA-compliant,” said Kaya. “VIRTEX will also enable Zenith to increase production in order to fulfill larger order volumes in less time.”

Zenith will support VIRTEX in entering the emerging, technically demanding market for small unmanned aerial vehicle systems (sUAS) and bring VIRTEX into contact with new customers in the fields of defense and law enforcement.

“Our two companies’ vertical capabilities include full systems design, manufacturing and integrated testing,” said Dana Pittman, executive vice president of VIRTEX. “We offer state-of-the-art custom solutions that support multiple channels, including defense. With this partnership, VIRTEX and Zenith will build complex systems to tackle diverse and complex problems. “

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