Mac 360° Aluminum Foldable Stand


The Mac 360° Aluminum Foldable Stand is an ergonomic design that supports your Macbook and makes it easy to move around. It has a stable single pole support for stability, an anti-slip silicone pad for better grip, and a multi-hole heat dissipation design for better cooling performance. This is perfect for photographers and artists who need to quickly create a stable surface for their laptop or iPad.

  • Multi-hole heat dissipation design. Provides better heat dissipation for your device
  • 360° full rotation. Rotates horizontally for an unobstructed view
  • 10mm baffle. Prevents the device from falling

  • Anti-slip silicone pad. Adds more friction for stability & safety
  • Aluminum design. Sleek, lightweight, & durable all-aluminum design with premium craftsmanship that complements your Apple devices
  • Foldable anti-slip strip. Avoids scratching your other belongings on the road
  • Ergonomic design. Fits personal view angles to release cervical pressure & enhance work efficiency cozily
  • Sleek round design. Frees up your desk space for the external keyboard & mouse
  • Stable single pole support. Stable & robust; can be adjusted arbitrarily without a segment


  • The height of the support baffle is 10mm. If you use other brands of laptops, it is recommended that you confirm whether the size specifications of the laptop are applicable before purchasing
  • Purchase includes the stand ONLY. iPad in photos NOT included


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